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 Montana Indian Ministries
Windy Cove Presbyterian


Pastor Con and his wife Nancy made their first mission trip to Montana Indian Ministries in 2019. They met Pastor Bruce Plummer, Big Spotted Eagle, a native Assiniboine Sioux Indian, and Spiritual Chief of the tribal members of Fort Belknap Indian Reservation in Montana. He is the leader and pastor of MIM. A relationship developed, and Windy Cove goes annually to conduct service projects on the reservation. 
 Pastor Plummer has been to Windy Cove on multiple occasions to preach, worship and build support for the work the Lord has called him to do on Fort Belknap. This work now involves the combined effort of several Churches and denominations.
We look forward each year to the things the Lord brings our way to support this mission.   Interestingly, we discovered that  Pastor Con, Nancy, and Pastor Plummer were students at Oklahoma Baptist University in the 70s but did not know each other then.


June 2022

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