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After Fran Hobbs made a trip to Haiti in 1982 with a group of Methodist men, we seriously planned to take mission trips to Haiti. Our original idea was to contact all the churches in our denomination supporting Harvey Musser, who was then serving as a Presbyterian missionary at Hospital Sainte Croix in Leogane. Our work to discover and contact other churches yielded few results. Our frustration with the task grew in 1984 when the Director of the Medical Benevolence Foundation intervened for us and secured dates at the hospital in September of 1984. During that trip, our team met Father Jean-Wilfrid Albert, the Episcopal priest acting as Chaplain for the hospital. This meeting began a long-standing friendship with Father Albert and many others in the mountains of Haiti.    

In 1989, the Episcopal Bishop transferred Pere Albert to a parish in the mountains called Grande Colline. This area became home to Pere Albert, where God gave him the vision for a guest house and to build numerous schools and churches. 1993 led to a partnership with the Haiti Education Foundation (HEF) in El Dorado, Arkansas. The foundation began with a friendship between Father Albert and Mrs. Frances Landers. After meeting Pere Albert and realizing the desperate need for schools in the mountains of Haiti, Mrs. Landers returned to the States with a passion for fundraising money to build the much-needed schools. We still strongly partner with the foundation and support a school in the tiny village of Notre Dame. 

Our school grew from a building with plywood walls and a tin roof to a concrete block building designed to withstand hurricanes and earthquakes (shown below). The donations given yearly also allow us to provide meals for our students. We are extremely grateful for the outpouring of donations we receive and know our school would struggle without your support. 

If you want to donate to the Windy Cove Haiti Fund to help the children in Notre Dame, click on the top photo. 

The old school pictured above 
The new school at Notre Dame, Haiti, with happy children!!