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Windy Cove Presbyterian Church is a historic landmark seated next to the Cowpasture River in Millboro, Va. The current structure has withstood the tests of time, including two floods, many births and deaths, and changes in pastoral leadership. The one thing that has not changed throughout the past 200 years is our commitment to serving our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Windy Cove’s worship services are a mixture of traditional and modern, and we pride ourselves in having an open and friendly worship environment where the presence of the Holy Spirit is plentiful. 

Our church strives to serve Him in our community. We assist families through our Food Pantry, Food Truck, and Samaritan Fund. The parking lot of Windy Cove is a safe area for school bus changes and a local park-and-ride. We also have a picnic table on the church grounds to allow tourists a place to rest and have a picnic. 

We also serve Jesus Christ in the world. Windy Cove recently became involved with Montana Indian Ministries, and a team will travel there in June. We have also been active in Haiti since 1984 and currently support a school in the mountains of Haiti. Teams traveled to visit the school and surrounding areas yearly unless political unrest or COVID would not allow entry to the country. On some occasions, teams traveled to Guatemala and Nicaragua when Haiti was not available. 

If you live in the area or just passing through, please stop and worship with us. Our church family would be happy to welcome you to the congregation.