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     Windy Cove was founded by Scotch-Irish Presbyterians seeking freedom of worship and led by the Rev. Alexander Craighead. They built a log meetinghouse on the Cowpasture River just south of Millboro Springs in about 1749. Several members were killed, and the structure was burned in a raid during the French and Indian War. Moving to its current site in the cove, named for a nearby limestone “blowing” cave, the congregation erected another log church in 1766. A third log structure built about 1816 was replaced in 1838 when the prospering community of river planters and upland farmers built the present brick church and session house. A vestibule was added in 1948, and the rear addition in 1959. Windy Cove is the mother church for Presbyterians in Bath and Highland counties.
     Along with Alexander Craighead, the Church has been served by two other notable pastors, Samuel Brown 1832-1862 and AJ Ponton 1927-1929. The current pastor, Con Sauls, is the 38th pastor in those 275 years.
As of 2024, The Windy Cove Presbyterian Church will have been preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the  Allegheny Highlands for 275 years. We are members of the Covenant Order of Evangelical Presbyterians, ECO.