Windy Cove Presbyterian Church

Youth Events - Grades 8-12

Area Wide Youth Event is a ministry for students in grades 8-12. 

We meet the first and third Sunday of every month at Millboro Elementary School. The meetings start at 5:00PM and end at 8:00PM. We start with snacks and games, move on to worship and Bible lesson, then finish with more snacks, games or basketball in the gym.

We go on a retreat every fall, to Head Waters Lodge, in Highland County.

As a part of this ministry we also help sponsor "808" a student led Devotional / Fellowship of Christian Athletes event at Bath County High School. We meet every Wednesday morning from 8:08AM to 8:28AM. There is usually a short devo and a prayer time.


Purpose Statement


The Area Youth Event exists:

  • To help high school students develop a lifestyle of worshipping and honoring God.
  • Purpose 1 - You were planned for God's pleasure.
  • We call this WORSHIP.
  • To connect students to the church and to each other.
  • Purpose 2 - You were formed for God's family.
  • We call this FELLOWSHIP.
  • To guide students into a deeper knowledge of God and His Word in order to develop maturity and grow in godly character.
  • Purpose 3 - You were created to become like Christ.
  • We call this DISCIPLESHIP.
  • To encourage students to serve God and the church by finding places to work, help and minister to others.
  • Purpose 4 - You were shaped for serving God.
  • We call this MINISTRY.
  • To introduce students to the love of the Father and the claims of Christ Jesus.
  • Purpose 5 - You were made for a mission.
  • We call this EVANGELISM.