Windy Cove Presbyterian Church

Stained Glass Window In Honor of Rob Sherrard


But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint. 

Isaiah 40:31  -- a very favorite scripture of Pastor Rob Sherrard



August 15, 2010 


Dear Windy Cove Family & Friends,


As you know, our pastor has begun his 31st year of ministry with Windy Cove Presbyterian Church.  Rob Sherrard has been a blessing to the congregation over the last three decades, and will be recognized in historical accounts of our church's almost 300 hundred years as the longest serving pastor.  Although we look forward to many more years with Rob & Sharon at Windy Cove, the milestone upon us warrants special notice. Indeed, we have enjoyed showering our pastor & his wife with gifts this year, including a weekend at The Greenbrier, a reception on the 30th anniversary date, and the addition of an extra week of vacation for Rob.  Rob's sermon on June 6th, during which he highlighted the longevity of baseball great Cal Ripken, was enjoyed by many.  Likewise, Sharon's sermon on August 8th was particularly moving.  You will want to be present during the Homecoming service on September 12th to hear Matt Sherrard and Katy Sherrard Anderson's sharing of the Word and their testimony during morning worship! 


To commemorate the occasion of Rob's 30th anniversary and continuing ministry at Windy Cove, to serve as inspiration for future generations, and to glorify God through the preservation and enhancement of our church facility, the session of Windy Cove Presbyterian Church has commissioned the manufacture and installation of a stained glass window on the south wall of the fellowship hall.  The inscription will read:


In honor of

Rev. Robert Sherrard

Pastor of Windy Cove

1980 -

Isaiah 40:31


The window will have a similar design and color scheme as the other stained glass window in the fellowship hall [pictured to the left].  The center content will feature a soaring eagle, and the symbol near the top of the window will be an open bible in front of an Easter lily.  An outer layer of protective glass will be added in similar fashion as our existing stained glass windows.  After Rob's eventual retirement, the dedication pane of the window will be changed to reflect the end date of his pastoral ministry at Windy Cove.  Although we are not absolutely certain of the completion date for the project, we are on faith moving forward with plans to dedicate the installed window during our Homecoming celebration on September 12th. 


By way of this letter you are specially invited to be present at Homecoming on September 12th to share in all the festivities! You may wish to favor the Sherrards with a written note of appreciation; likewise, we know that many of you will want to make a financial contribution to this special addition to our church building and to show your support for our pastor in this way.  While some of us were around through the years to help with the addition of a room or two at the church, none of us have had the opportunity to be a part of a project such as this at Windy Cove!  The total project cost will be approximately $4,000.  As part of the project includes the needed installation of protective glass over the window (you will recall that this window has been broken a number of times in recent history, has had a cracked pane for the last year or more, and is obviously poorly insulated), the session has agreed to cover this associated $600 out of our regular budget.  The remaining $3,400 will come from special gifts from church family and friends.  We are confident that this amount will be reached in full; funds left over will be applied to the memorial fund in honor of Rob Sherrard.


Over the next month, you are invited to:

·         Write notes of support to the Sherrards that we will share with them at Homecoming on September 12th, and/or

·         Make a financial gift to the church to help with the stained glass project

Please send all notes and financial gifts to Sharon Madison at 230 Coffee Pot Road, Millboro, VA  24460. All financial gifts will be held in confidence--we want everyone interested to be a part of this exciting addition to our church facility.  Questions about the project may be directed to Paul Lancaster, Traci Herscher, Fran Hobbs, Bonnie Jenkins or Sharon Madison.


In Christ,


Paul Lancaster

For the Session


**Note: the photo to the left shows the existing stained glass window in the fellowship hall.  The new window will look very much like this one, but with the two content features as described above.  The window dimensions are 36" x 102".