Windy Cove Presbyterian Church

Joining Us

We want others to share the joy that we experience in knowing the living for Christ. We welcome your interest, your participation, and your support. Our worship, our programs, and our ministries are open to all who want to take part, whether members or not. In order to be a member of Windy Cove, a person must make or have made elsewhere, a public commitment acknowledging the saving grace of Christ and pledging to live as Christ's disciple. Infants and children are included in God's grace and our church as recognized by their baptism and subsequent nurture.

Adults who have previously made a public profession of faith can be added to our membership by letter of transfer from another Christian church. Adults who are professing faith in Jesus for the first time are asked to meet with our session to share their story of faith. If not previously baptized, they would receive the Sacrament of Baptism when they profess their faith before the rest of the congregation. Our pastor is always happy and ready to confer with those whom the Lord is calling toward participation and membership at Windy Cove.